Working Capital of the Russian Economy

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Коды JEL: E43, G21, G31

Страницы: 447–455


Ermilina D.A. Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation 

Importance The article discusses the state of working capital of the Russian economy.
Objectives The article aims to study various aspects of working capital of the Russian economy and its sources, and develop recommendations to address the problem of insufficient working capital and optimize the structure of the sources.
Methods For the study, I used methods of systems, logical and statistical analyses, classification and synthesis.
Results I assess some indicators of working capital by major economic activity and industry, showing an unsatisfactory structure of working capital. The paper contains certain recommendations and proposals to address the problem.
Conclusions and Relevance Most Russian enterprises lack their own sources of working capital. Bank loans constitute the principal source of borrowings, which hinders the production and economic activity due to high interest rates.

Ключевые слова: working capital, financial condition, equity, borrowed resources

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